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Thickened magic cleaning cloth

Thickened magic cleaning cloth

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It is an annoying problem with many surfaces; you can clean as much as you want, but there are always smudges and dirt left behind. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the thickened magic cleaning cloth!

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Why choose the magic cleaning cloth?

The fantastic quality of these thickened magic cleaning wipes will ensure that you leave a spotless result in every situation. In fact, thanks to the unique micro-structure, all dirt and residue are easily picked up where other wipes cannot. The thickened magic cleaning cloth comes in a set of 5. You can give one or more to friends and family and still have plenty. A great buy!

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Suitable for many surfaces

Thanks to the remarkable quality, the wipes absorb much more than regular wipes and streaks will finally be a thing of the past. This also makes the thickened magic cleaning wipes very versatile; you can use them finely on glassware, eyeglass lenses, car paint, and any other smooth surface! 

Does not damage the surface

The cleaning cloth leads to perfect results. it is extremely versatile so it can be used on many surfaces. You spend less time cleaning than using other cleaning cloths. It increases absorbency and helps prevent scratches and damage. You immediately realise that you have the best cloth available on the market!

Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm


From now on, clean everything perfectly with these fantastic thickened magic cleaning cloths!

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